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About Our Products

Viper is one of the only companies in this industry that actually designs and makes products. Most of our competitors just repackage someone else`s product and say they make it, but have no knowledge when you call them for tech support. Since we design and make the products in house it gives us superior quality over our competitors low grade products. Plus we can answer your questions when you call. Quality products mean you can get the job done faster and have no call backs allowing you to be more profitable. Price should not be the deciding factor when it comes to product. Low cost means low quality which results call backs and maybe even loosing an account. Our quality products cost about the same as our competitors poor quality. Viper is the only choice you want to be the best you can be.



Viper offers state of the art training with the most advanced products and latest techniques. Our trainers have years of experience in setting up and running successful operations and are the best in the industry. Most of the so called training schools do not make their own products or use skilled professional trainers. Our trainers run their own operation and have years of real in the field experience. This helps you avoid the pit falls of an inexperienced hired tech doing your training. We retrain many of these so called students because they did not get the proper training. Viper has the highest success rate using our proven methods and high performance products. If you want to be a success Viper is the only company to train with. Call us today.

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